Get Ready for Warmer Weather with Perricone Farms!

Perricone Juices

We are proud to feature Perricone Farms as one of our premier vendors. With a robust selection of delicious, high-quality juices, Perricone Farms perfectly complements our commitment to bring the finest products to our menu.

As the temperatures rise, Perricone Farms’ juices are the ideal addition to your menu. From classic flavors like lemonade and orange to the more adventurous grapefruit and lime, their refreshing beverages promise to delight your customers and keep them coming back for more. These juices are perfect for creating summer sips that stand out in any menu.

Since 1997, Athena Farms has been dedicated to serving Atlanta’s top restaurants, caterers, hotels, and country clubs with a blend of high-quality products, enhanced food safety practices, and exceptional customer service. Our operations are designed to ensure freshness and quality, with deliveries six days a week within a 50-mile radius of Atlanta, and stringent quality control checks.

Our team of experienced produce experts and well-trained drivers are committed to understanding and meeting your specific needs. They hand-select produce from one of the Southeast’s largest and best-supplied markets, ensuring that you receive only the finest ingredients. Our sales representatives are always available to address your concerns and ensure your satisfaction.

At Athena Farms, we understand that innovation and variety are key to a successful menu. Our specialty produce options, sourced locally when possible, allow you to offer unique and trendy dishes that can command premium prices. Whether you need Malibu carrots, heirloom tomatoes, or edible mixed flowers, we can source hundreds of specialty items to keep your menu on the cutting edge.

Partner with Athena Farms and Perricone Farms to enhance your offerings with the best in fresh, high-quality produce and juices. Let us help you create delicious, memorable dining experiences that stand out in Atlanta’s competitive food scene.

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