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Athena Farms
P.O. Box 161465
Atlanta, GA 30321

Phone: 404-362-9390*
FAX: 404-608-0231 

*Our office hours are:
3:00 am – 11:00 am
Monday – Saturday

Contact Us
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Name Position Phone Email
Richard Levine CEO 404-362-9390 richard@athenafarms.net
Luis Vivian President 404-974-3863 luis@athenafarms.net
Jessica Brantley Vice President 404-974-3861 jessica@athenafarms.net
Bob Morgan Sales Manager 404-931-3004 bob@athenafarms.net
Robert Poole Sales 404-886-1626 robert@athenafarms.net
Alina Petri Sales 404-441-0693 alina@athenafarms.net
Daniel James Sales 770-256-2520 daniel@athenafarms.net
Casey Dryden Sales 404-507-8146 casey@athenafarms.net
Jason Wofford Sales 404-509-7120 jason@athenafarms.net
John Allen Sales 404-664-7057 john@athenafarms.net
Robbie Pate Purchasing 404-974-3867 robbie@athenafarms.net
Jennifer Campbell Director of  Purchasing 404-974-3868 jenniferk@athenafarms.net
Constantino Ramirez Purchasing 404-974-3860 tino@athenafarms.net
Francisco Jules Warehouse Manager 404-362-9390 ext. 17 francisco@athenafarms.net
Maria Garcia-Autry Director of Accounting 404-974-3864 maria@athenafarms.net
Joanna Garcia Accounting/Human Resources 404-974-3865 joanna@athenafarms.net
Iris Ortiz Accounts Receivable 404-974-2489 iris@athenafarms.net
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