Locally Grown

Serving Atlanta with Fresh, Local Produce

The advantages of locally grown produce are far greater than a fresh, crisp bite.

  • Superior Flavor
  • Extra Nutrients
  • Lower Risk of Contamination
  • Benefits Local Farms
  • Supports Sustainability Efforts by Reducing Truck Miles

At Athena Farms, we source our produce from top local farms and nearby markets when available. Our strong relationships with local farmers plays an important role in bringing in the finest locally grown fruits and vegetables. We also utilize various specialty markets to make sure we can provide hard-to-find, specialty items that our customers depend on. 

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Locally Grown Availability List - April 2024

Baby ArugulaB&W GrowersFellsmere, FL
Watercress  B&W GrowersFellsmere, FL
Baby SpinachB&W GrowersFellsmere, FL
Alfalfa Sprouts Bloomsbury Farms Smyrna, TN
Sunflower SproutsBloomsbury Farms Smyrna, TN
WheatgrassBloomsbury Farms Smyrna, TN
Sweet Potatoes 12-16OZHowell FarmingWayne County, NC
Sweet Potatoes JumboHowell FarmingWayne County, NC
Sweet Potatoes Medium/ComboHowell Farming Wayne County, NC
Eggs Large 15dzL&R FarmsPendergrass, GA
Eggs Large 30dzL&R FarmsPendergrass, GA
Eggs Large Brown Carton 30dzL&R FarmsPendergrass, GA
Eggs Medium 30dzL&R FarmsPendergrass, GA
Eggs XL 15dzL&R FarmsPendergrass, GA
Vidalia OnionsL.G HerndonLyons, GA
Kale GreenL.G HerndonLyons, GA
Yellow CornL.G HerndonLyons, GA
Grits WhiteMarsh Hen Mill Edisto Island, SC
Grits YellowMarsh Hen Mill Edisto Island, SC
Grapefruit JuicePerricone FarmsVero Beach, FL
Lemonade Perricone FarmsVero Beach, FL
Lemon JuicePerricone FarmsVero Beach, FL
Lime JuicePerricone FarmsVero Beach, FL
Orange JuicePerricone FarmsVero Beach, FL
Oyster MushroomsQihe MushroomsNewnan, GA
Shitake Mushrooms AQihe MushroomsNewnan, GA
Shitake Mushrooms BQihe MushroomsNewnan, GA
King Trumpet MushroomsQihe MushroomsNewnan, GA
Cucumbers SelectQuality FirstFlorida City, FL
EggplantQuality FirstFlorida City, FL
Green Bell PeppersQuality FirstFlorida City, FL
Yellow SquashQuality FirstFlorida City, FL
ZucchiniQuality FirstFlorida City, FL
Asher Blue CheeseSweet Grass DairyThomasville, GA
Green Hill CheeseSweet Grass DairyThomasville, GA
Thomasville Tomme CheeseSweet Grass DairyThomasville, GA
BlackberriesWish FarmsPlant City, FL
Blueberries Wish FarmsPlant City, FL
Raspberries Wish FarmsPlant City, FL
StrawberriesWish FarmsPlant City, FL
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