Blueberry Size is Good with Sweet Flavor

Athena Blueberry

Here is a quick summary of this week’s (August 9th) Market News highlights regarding the produce industry:


BLUEBERRIES: Volumes should be good, as we have several regions in production currently. Overall, currently blueberries have good size and flavor. 

ONIONS: We’ll start harvest on Friday and start shipping next Monday 15- August-2021. We’ll start out with yellows and reds and then add whites toward the end of August. The crop looks good, and it’s starting to size up, too. The sizing is likely to start out on the smaller side, but within about a week, we should be getting into the larger sizes.

CILANTRO: ​​Supplies are expected to be on the lighter side again this week as we continue to experience some issues with bacterial spotting and seeder which seems to be the case throughout the Salinas Valley.

MELONS: Cantaloupe supplies will be very tight/short this week as harvest is light. Market is also advanced as growers are selling out every day.


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