Celebrate National Fruits and Veggies Month With Athena!

Athena National Fruits and Veggies Month

Fruits and vegetables keep us feeling our best year-round. What better way to honor these delicious food groups than with National Fruits and Veggies Month?

At Athena Farms, we are keen on providing restaurants and cafes with the quality ingredients needed to keep customers coming back. If you want to become more acquainted with the health benefits of fresh fruits and veggies, read on!

History of National Fruits and Vegetables Month

It’s easy to take knowledge for granted. The goal of National Fruits and Veggies Month is to spread more awareness about the health benefits of all of the different types of fruits and vegetables available!

This holiday often focuses on restaurants, food service providers, and schools to make it easier for people to enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables. Every year you’ll see this holiday celebrated through advertisements, social media campaigns, and new menu items.

The Amazing Health Benefits of Fruits and Vegetables

Getting a solid amount of fruits and green vegetables is more than just a tasty habit. These good habits ensure you’re receiving a plethora of physical and mental health benefits!

Ongoing fruit and vegetable consumption is associated with:

  • Reduced blood pressure
  • Improved heart health
  • Cancer prevention

Which Fruits and Vegetables are the Most Healthy?

Stock up your menu with these options, all available through Athena:


These fruits are known for being packed with antioxidants, fiber, and potassium.

Brussel Sprouts

These green beauties are loaded with iron, potassium, and protein.


Give yourself an apple next time you want to load up on vitamin C and fiber!

Tasty Menu Applications for Your Business

We have a few simple menu additions to help you celebrate National Fruits and Veggies Month!

Freshly Tossed Salad

A freshly tossed salad with plenty of leafy greens goes great with lunch and dinner. Shake up your recipes by adding tangerines or dried cranberries!

Whip Up a Smoothie

A cold smoothie is a staple of breakfasts around the world. Strawberries and bananas are the most popular combo!

Try a Low Sugar Fruit Tart

Want to prepare your menu for the holiday season with new treats? Try a low sugar tart that lets the fruit do the talking!

We’re a foodservice company eager to help your business stay stocked with the freshest ingredients. Contact us today for all your foodservice distribution needs!

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