Celery Business is Steady, Quality is Good

Athenafarms Celery

This week’s Legacy Market News has important produce information for all operations. Here’s a summary of some aspects to consider:

CELERY: Business is steady this week with fair to light supplies for us and average supplies in the industry. Quality is good, with seeders posing a small issue. The market is steady.

SQUASH: Strong production now underway out of South Georgia and quality is excellent. In the west we should see Mexico wrap up the season any day with a smooth transition over to the Central Valley and Central Coast starting mid-week. Quality is outstanding.

HONEY DEWS: Current sizing on offshore fruit is also trending to mostly larger fruit (5s and larger). 6s have been limited while 8s have been mostly non-existent recently and quality on the dews has mostly clean with very good internal quality. Brix levels have mostly been seen in the 11-14% range and we expect to be loading offshore fruit through next week with domestic honeydew will start in approximately 7-10 days.

ASPARAGUS: Prices are stable; supplies are sufficient in Central Mexico and Peru. Domestic harvesting is taking place in Michigan and Washington. Organic production is underway in California. Quality is excellent: shape is uniform, tips are firm.

Athena Farms is proud to offer the freshest ingredients to all foodservice operations. Contact us today to learn more!

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