Healthiest Vegetables to Add to Your Diet

Chairmans Vegetables

We all know that eating more vegetables is good for you, we also know that it’s hard to eat the same thing every single day. The other downside with eating the same thing every day means you won’t get a variety of nutrients. Here are our top pics to start off 2021 with some healthy veggies you should add to your menu for your consumers’ diets.

Health Benefits
A single cup of raw spinach provides all the Vitamin K that you require for the day, as well as half of your daily need of vitamin A. 

Garlic. There have been studies that show how garlic can improve heart health and regulate blood sugar.

Sweet potato. This one is borderline a superfood. Packed with fiber, protein as well as Vitamin C and B6. These orange delights also carry potassium, manganese, and beta-carnitine.

What can I do with those?
While the only limits are your own mind all three of these ingredients go great in a rice bowl. Rice itself is also very nutritious, adding cooked spinach, garlic, and roasted sweet potato is a great way to make a healthy meal. You can also add meat, or enjoy it vegan. The options are limitless. Your customers will love the combination of all of these flavors!

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