Highlight Your Spring Menu with Light Entrees!

Chicken Salad

With Spring comes a renewed sense of warmth and joy, and customers are looking for fare that matches the season. Light entrees themed for the season are the perfect way to delight your customer’s tastebuds. Here are some quick menu items to offer for Spring.

Vegetable stew. All you need for a vegetable stew are seasonings, red wine, water, and, of course, vegetables. Vegetables can include potatoes, celery, carrots, mushrooms, tomatoes, and more. The majority of cooking time is letting the ingredients boil in a large pot, so this recipe is nice and easy.

Spiced lamb & dill yogurt pasta. This tasty pasta combines dill, yogurt, lamb, lemon, and other ingredients to create a delicious, savory pasta. Inspired by shish barak, a Middle Eastern dish, this recipe is a marvelous addition to your menu for springtime.

Spring chicken salad. So many customers enjoy a fresh salad. Perfect for the season is “spring” chicken salad. Combining yogurt, chicken, a lettuce or cabbage base, and other vegetables and seasonings, this light salad takes less than 15-minutes to complete.

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