Incorporate Vegetables into your Entrees

Athena Farms Vegetables

In many cases, it is the meats and other proteins that are the main star of an entree. However, vegetables can stand on their own and add some needed flavor and vitamins to your meals. Some veggies can even be used as a meat replacement in many dishes. Here are a few ways that you can incorporate vegetables into delicious and satisfying entrees.

Health Benefits

You have always heard how vegetables are good for you. Remember the food pyramid from school? Fresh produce contains those essential nutrients and vitamins that can keep your body running at its optimal level. With some added vegetables, you can enjoy those benefits in the form of a delicious meal.

Satisfying and Filling

Do you need accompaniment for your main entree? Think about healthy vegetables. You can grill up some fresh squash or add steamed broccoli to your dishes.

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Offerings from Athena Farms

Whether you want apples or tomatoes, you can find high-quality and fresh produce from Athena Farms. There is a wide range of vegetables that can spruce up the flavors of any meal.

Are you looking for top-quality ingredients from a superior source? Athena Farms offers a wide range of products, including produce, proteins, and dairy!

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