Onion Demand is Good This Week

Athena Onions

This week’s Legacy Market News Update features important information for all aspects of the produce industry. Here are some key points to consider for the future:

ONIONS: Demand has been good this week, but we have not seen a huge jump for the holiday. There is pretty good money on mediums, but overall, the market is only as good as the trucks you find. The bottom line is freight continues to be brutal. We will be shipping out of the Imperial Valley for the next week, and then we will be moving everything over to New Mexico. The new Idaho-E. Oregon crop starts in early August.

ASPARAGUS: Prices are stable; supplies are sufficient in Central Mexico and Peru. Domestic harvesting is taking place in Michigan and Washington. Organic production is underway in California. Quality is excellent: shape is uniform, tips are firm.

PARSLEY: We will have great quality and good supplies over the next few weeks. Now is a perfect time to promote with additional availability!

BLACKBERRIES: Supply is in transition from Mexico back to the USA. Quality and flavor were both good on the sample seen.

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