Onion Supply on High Alert

Athena Farms

This week’s Market News update features important information for all aspects of the produce industry. Here are some key points to consider for the future:


ONIONS: Red and yellow onions are in good supply out of California’s west side district. White onions continue to be hit and miss as far as availability is concerned. Quality is good as we see average temps in the valley. A run of hot weather that has stressed the Northwest onion crop is expected to reduce yields and set up an active market for storage onions.

BROCCOLI: While supplies are a little lighter this week, quality on the other hand is very nice.

LETTUCE: Supplies for the next few weeks are projected to be below budget. Supplies industry wide seem to also be lighter due to lower acres planted. Quality has been medium. The markets seem stronger, and the forecast is for higher prices at the end of the week.

BLACKBERRIES: Supply will continue low for another 1-2 weeks then ramp up rapidly during the last week of July. Once we enter August, we will be in full summer peak reaching record volumes for the August period.


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