Plant-Based Food for Any Menu!

Shashi Chaturvedula Oyvz Stypr4 Unsplash

Plant-based foods may seem like a specialty gimmick at first glance, but what if they could satisfy your current customers while attracting new ones? Plant-based foods are highly sustainable, and they are so tasty that everyone will love them!

The Best Plant-Based Foods to Add to Your Menu

  • Quinoa:

Quinoa is tasty, plant-based, and a complete source of protein; it’s one of the healthiest protein sources available (but you wouldn’t know that because of how good it is!). You can use quinoa to replace rice or as a substitute for meat.

  • Lentils:

Lentils are a flexible, vegan, and plant-based protein source. They are delicious, nutritious, and you can easily substitute them for meat in various sauces.

  • Legumes:

Legumes are plant-based and are another excellent source of protein, fiber, and other minerals to keep your customers feeling healthy and feeling full.

  • Tofu:

Tofu is made from soybeans and is entirely plant-based. The best part about tofu is that it absorbs the flavor of whatever it’s cooked with! You can add tofu to just about any dish or use it as a meat substitute.

Are you ready to add plant-based options to your menu? Wow your customers with these tasty foods from Athena Farms!

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