Quality of Romaine Declines Due to Recent Weather

Athena Lettuce

This week’s Market News Update features crucial information for all aspects of the produce industry. Here are some key points to consider:


LEAF/ROMAINE: Demand is steady and pricing is firming up a bit. Romaine production supplies are beginning to trend below budget. We are experiencing some quality issues at the field level ultimately reducing yields. A cycle of heat spikes followed by humid, overcast mornings over the past few weeks is stressing the product and causing internal burn and fog burn in commodity and value-added products.

SQUASH: Zucchini and yellow squash will be very tight this week as production has decreased by 30% due to poor market conditions.

CELERY: Business is average this week with good supplies for us and in the industry. Quality is good and the market is steady in Salinas

GREEN BEANS: Prices are pushing higher this week and quality is excellent in French, and fair on Green. We continue to see light numbers in the east out of the Northeast this week mostly due to rain delays and quality impacts.

STRAWBERRIES: Quality has improved in both Salinas and Watsonville districts. Going forward, we expect to see a little less fruit available as Santa Maria is winding down.


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