The Health Benefits of Consuming Vegetables in Your Daily Diet

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It is common knowledge that eating more vegetables is good for you. From heart health to weight loss, there are a collection of benefits that come from incorporating veggies into your daily diet. Here are some delicious, yet health-conscious vegetables that provide a variety of nutrients in every serving:

Health Benefits
Spinach. A single cup of raw spinach provides all the Vitamin K that you require for the day, as well as half of your daily need of Vitamin A.

Garlic. There have been studies that show how garlic can improve heart health and regulate blood sugar.

Sweet Potato. This one is a borderline superfood, packed with fiber, protein, Vitamin C, and B6. Sweet potatoes also carry potassium, manganese, and beta-carotene.

These ingredients can be incorporated into healthy options throughout the menu. For example, try combining all three of these vegetables with rice to form a de”light”ful rice bowl. Rice itself is very nutritious, and adding cooked spinach, garlic, and roasted sweet potato is a great way to serve a healthy meal. You can also add meat, or enjoy it vegan. The options are limitless.

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