Watermelon Sales Continue to Grow

Athena Farms Watermelon

This week’s Market News Update features important information regarding the produce industry. Here are some key points to consider when preparing for the upcoming weeks: 


WATERMELON: As summer heat continues to have its way in the west and watermelon sales have accelerated tremendously as people look for some sweet relief. Supplies of Seedless and Mini Seedless are seeing very good to excellent quality and markets are firm as we move into the summer.

LEMON: Market remains very active on lemons; shippers are holding to averages and many are only covering commitments. Quality issues are common for this time of year, with the pack out about 80% choice grade. Chilean and Mexican imports have started to arrive, which has brought some relief to the market. Our Domestic crop will pick back up again at the end of August.

GRAPES: We have good supplies of the red, green, black, and specialty varieties. We are packing cartons along with clam shells. Quality and condition are very good this season.

SQUASH: ​​Strong production now underway from the south and quality is excellent. In the west we should see Mexico wrap up the season any day with a smooth transition over to the Central Valley and Central Coast starting mid-week. Quality is outstanding. 


Click HERE for the full report. 

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