Eating More Plant-Based Foods Could Save the Planet!

Athena Plant Based

Experts say that people should eat more plant-based protein to help the planet and human health. There are ideas of cutting food emissions by implementing a meat tax, ending special offers on unhealthy food that is bad for the planet, and more. Another idea was adding climate info labels on food.

The report shows that 20% of emissions are from food production and consumption. Shifting to more sustainable food production will substantially reduce the amount of food wasted along the food supply chain. Red meat, and agriculture overall, is one of the biggest drivers of deforestation and has a significant impact. Replacing animal protein with plant-based protein can improve public health tremendously. Red mead reduction is linked to lower rates of stroke, heart disease, diabetes, and death rates overall.

Increased consumptions of plant-based proteins can help tackle climate change and improve people’s health. The government must invest in plant-based alternatives like meat, dairy, and more. Consumers should not have the sole responsibility. People need products that will deliver the flavors and textures that people are used to, with better health outcomes and significantly less environmental impact.

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Full article is available here.

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