Enjoy Athena’s Locally Grown Herbs!

Locally Grown Herbs Athena Farms

Herbs are a vital part of any restaurant, bakery, or deli’s menu. Locally-grown herbs, however, are in a league all their own. They provide several economic and health benefits beyond their delicious flavor. Athena Farms is proud to be part of a movement to prioritize local farms and ensure specialty markets are never without the best ingredients.

Why Locally Grown?

Customers today are shifting toward more sustainable mindsets concerning their produce, with one survey finding a third will pay at least 25% more. This means locally grown food that supports small farms and provides superior flavor. The advantages of locally grown produce are far greater than a fresh, crisp bite.

  • Superior Flavor
  • Extra Nutrients
  • Lower Risk of Contamination
  • Benefits Local Farms
  • Supports Sustainability Efforts by Reducing Truck Miles


Aromatic and highly flavorful, this essential herb is the perfect touch-up for pasta salads, rice, or fish.

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Italian Parsley

Chock full of vitamins and well-known for its flavor, Italian parsley makes the perfect compliment to sauces and garden salads.

Customers today want fresh, locally grown produce. Athena Farms is ready to provide you with all the right herbs your menu needs to attract repeat buyers.

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