Enjoy Delicious Holiday Salads with Athena!

athena salads

During the holidays, there are plenty of heavy meals from Thanksgiving to Christmas. Focus on those salads. They can be served as a light appetizer or the main entree. Salads should be more than a handful of lettuce. When you order from Athena Farms, you provide the best products to your customers.

Create a Holiday Salad

Add a satisfying salad if you want something unique to your menu. While some might choose to include a wedge or iceberg salad, you can take up the flavor levels on these dishes. Use seasonal fruits for a savory but sweet side dish. Think outside of the box by making a yummy salad with spinach and other greens.

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Use Produce With Holiday Colors

Red and green are common colors in the holiday season. When you have mixed greens, throw in a few tart cranberries and pomegranates and a sweet vinaigrette dressing to make a salad that will become one of your most requested holiday offerings. There are plenty of locally grown produce options that you can use for a hearty holiday salad.

Are you looking for top-quality ingredients from a local source? Athena Farms offers a wide range of products, including dairy, produce, and proteins!

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