The Most Popular Christmas-Themed Restaurant Dishes

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We know how busy the December month is for restaurant owners and managers. You made it through the Thanksgiving meals, and if you’re lucky, had a chance to catch your breath before prepping for the Christmas crowd. If you’re looking for ways to grab your guests’ attention and boost your sales this holiday season, consider adding some of these popular Christmas-themed dishes to your menu.

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Upgrade Your Christmas Menu

Most restaurants offer traditional Christmas dishes, and while that’s good, it’s not always enough. Ideally, your Christmas menu will include some new, fun Christmas-themed dishes to draw in customers and traditional options for the people who aren’t so keen on fancy holiday foods.

For traditional Christmas-themed dishes, be sure to add these to your menu:

  • Honey glazed ham
  • Herb-roasted turkey and stuffing

Don’t forget the best Christmas comfort foods, like:

  • Loaded sour cream & cheddar baked and mashed potatoes
  • Creamy baked mac and cheese
  • Dinner rolls with cinnamon butter

Get colorful with red and green Christmas-themed dishes, including:

And, of course, your can’t skip out on Christmas-themed desserts for your menu:

  • Christmas pudding
  • Orange-crusted Christmas poppy seed strudel
  • Green Christmas pineapple cape
  • Christmas fruit trifle

How’s your Christmas menu looking? The best Christmas-themed dishes start with the best ingredients. Get yours today!

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