Top Produce in the Traditional Thanksgiving Meal

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We all know that turkey is the main event of the Thanksgiving meal. According to a recent study, 88 percent of Americans say they eat turkey on Thanksgiving. Additionally, around 46 million Americans consume turkey on Thanksgiving day.

However, produce is also a big part of Thanksgiving Day. Read on to learn about the top produce of the holiday.


Pumpkin is the main ingredient in Thanksgiving’s most popular dessert: pumpkin pie. There are also other popular Thanksgiving pumpkin desserts, including pumpkin cheesecake, pumpkin crumble, and pie cupcakes.

If you cook pumpkins from scratch, make sure you follow the right food safety tips!


While cranberry sauce is a divisive Thanksgiving food, it’s still one of the most popular menu items. In addition to the traditional cranberry sauce, people often use cranberries on Thanksgiving to make salads and cocktails,

Green Beans

No Thanksgiving is complete without green bean casserole! Green beans from the can also make a great side dish.

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As you can see, there are many produce items that are great on Thanksgiving!

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