Experiencing Mushroom Crop Failure


Thanksgiving is around the corner so best prepare with the latest Market News report! Continue reading for important highlights on the produce industry:


MUSHROOMS: Labor, freight, and supply challenges are expected to last for the remainder of the year. Product cuts have been increasing. If that is not enough, we are now experiencing a crop failure, involving 3 separate growers we were told.

BRUSSELS SPROUTS: Overall sprout volume looks to be normal and on track for the coming week. Quality is good with minor defects, good shape and color. Start to plan for Thanksgiving needs.

CABBAGE: Supplies are steady. Quality remains consistent with sizing and overall appearance.

CELERY: Supplies are less for us and on the west coast, and I look for this market to advance over the next few weeks. Quality is good and the market is steady currently in Salinas.

POTATOES: Yields are down but sizes are up for Idaho potatoes this year, industry leaders report. Hot weather during the growing season reduced the number of tubers per plant but made potato sizes larger. 


Click HERE for the full report.


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