Warm and Satisfying Fall Desserts!


What is it about fall desserts that are so comforting and delicious?

Maybe it’s their blend of homely spices, such as cardamom, cloves, and cinnamon. Perhaps it’s how they add some sweetness to the cold bite of winter. Whatever the reason, it’s that time of the year to delight your customers with the beloved flavors of fall.

Here are some warm and satisfying fall desserts to add to the menu:

Pumpkin Cake Donuts

Have the best of three worlds in one handy package. Unlike classic donuts, cake donuts are thick and chewy. Fill these pumpkin cake donuts up with sweet custard or apple chunks to create a menu special that can be charged at a premium.

Frosted Cranberry Tarts

These tarts are great for on-the-go customers. Cranberries are the soul of the holiday season, so pile up your tarts with fresh, specialty fruit. Add a dusting of sugar and cinnamon for a truly standout sweet.

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Pecan Strudels

Following close behind apple pie, the pecan pie is a beloved staple of the festive season. It’s hot and comforting, with a crispy layer of pecans on top to round out the delicious texture. Shake things up by creating pecan strudels, whether in whole slices or smaller, snacking cubes.

Keeping your menu stocked with high-quality ingredients begins with Athena Farms this fall!. Contact our team to get the very best in locally grown produce and fresh dairy.

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