Seasonal Demand has Begun Tightening Supplies


It’s Thanksgiving week! Get prepped with our Market News summary & continue reading to stay updated on the produce industry: 


CELERY: Business is lower this week as demand for the holidays ease up. Lighter supplies for us and good supplies on the west coast. Quality is good and the market is steady in Salinas.

BRUSSELS SPROUTS: Sprout demand should remain strong for the front part of the week due to holiday/seasonal demand. Supplies will be tight for the first part of the week to cover above average demand but should ease by later in the week . Fair quality from higher than-normal insect injury is placing yields and reducing availability.

GREEN ONIONS: Quality is good this week. Market is extremely active due to supply shortage with many growers in northern Mexico because of the extremely hot weather and high humidity the past two months.

POTATOES: Holiday demand has begun tightening supplies; 90- through 100-count stocks are the most limited. Markets remain elevated on all packs and sizes. Quality is very good. 

MUSHROOMS: Continue to be a challenge and our suppliers are now advising the current supply shortage will go through the end of December.


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