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At Athena Farms, we take pride in providing the finest quality products to our customers. Among our esteemed vendors, C. Isabelle Inc. stands out as a true testament to the power of family passion and dedication in the world of potato cultivation. The journey of C. Isabelle Inc. began in 1948 when Clovis Isabelle and his wife, Jeanine Robidoux, embarked on a remarkable venture that would span generations.

Through the years, the family’s commitment to delivering the highest quality products earned them a reputable standing in the industry. Even as the business grew, the core values that defined its foundation remained unchanged. The family’s young successor took the reins and upheld the legacy of his predecessors, focusing on meeting and exceeding customer expectations.

Building upon this legacy, C. Isabelle Inc. takes immense pride in offering an exquisite range of high-quality products such as:


White-Fleshed Potatoes:

Whether you prefer them with or without peel, their white-fleshed potatoes are highly appreciated for their incredible versatility. From frying and boiling to roasting, steaming, and mashing, they never fail to deliver the perfect meal.


Yellow Potatoes:

If you’re looking for a sweet and tender option, their yellow flesh potatoes are the way to go. They excel in making delightful, mashed potatoes, crispy French fries, and delectable salads, all while retaining their beautiful color after cooking.


Red Potatoes:

Don’t be misled by the name of their red potatoes, as their flesh is actually white! Nonetheless, they’re perfect for gratins, browning, and roasting, and their low starch content makes them a popular choice for salads.


Russett Potatoes:

Lastly, for a smooth and lump-free texture, look no further than their Russet potatoes. Their brown-orange skin and white flesh, rich in starch, make them ideal for baking and purees, ensuring an exceptional culinary experience every time. Experience the finest potatoes with C. Isabelle Inc. and elevate your dishes to new heights!


Through dedication and strong partnerships, C. Isabelle Inc. has established an efficient distribution network that spans vast regions. Their potatoes find their way to restaurants and stores across Quebec, Ontario, the Maritimes, and even the entire American East Coast.


At Athena Farms, we are honored to have C. Isabelle Inc. as a valued vendor. Their high-quality potatoes match our commitment to offering our customers with the finest of products. Visit our website to learn more about how to order C Isabelle potatoes to your restaurant or store.

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