Melon Market Remains Strong, Quality is Outstanding

Athena Market News

This week’s Market News has important produce information for all operations. Here’s a summary of some aspects to consider: 


CANTALOUPE: From week-to-week melon market is still very strong, due to lighter yields & lack of labor. Size profile on all melons is sizing up, as of now there are plenty of sizes. Due to extreme heat, Westside cantaloupes should be ready before the end of the month. Quality on sample lot was outstanding, with good netting, great color, and outstanding flavor

BROCCOLI: Supplies are good this week but with weather warming up we may start to lose yields and acres. We are seeing some hollow cores and occasional brown beads.

LETTUCE: Supplies continue to be lighter than budget for this week and looks like it will stay that way through next week. The heat spike we had last week had an impact on the crops overall. Quality continues to be solid so far. Demand has increased overall on all sizes and styles. The market forecast is for increased demand with the holiday coming.

CARROTS: Short term market increase as the supply side is a bit tight. Carrots were down in Blythe and Coachella but are transitioning to the Central Valley of California. That said, quality is still good. 

KALE: Supplies are expected to be plentiful for the next few weeks. Now is a good opportunity for promoting product.


Click HERE to view the full report. 

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