Strawberry Market Expected to Remain Steady in the Coming Weeks

Athena Strawberry

This week’s Market News Update features important information for all aspects of the produce industry. Here are some key points to consider for the future:


STRAWBERRIES: We have reached peak supplies this week and expect this supply level to continue into next week. We have received warm weather across our production areas promoting an acceleration of fruit maturation. We expect volumes to remain steady for the next two weeks before volumes begin to decrease. 

CARROTS: Short term market increase as the supply side is a bit tight. Carrots were down in Blythe and Coachella but are transitioning to the Central Valley of California. That said, quality is still good. 

CAULIFLOWER: Supplies are expected to be plentiful this week. Overall quality and appearance should be very nice.

BLACKBERRIES: We are on an upward trend, and we expect supplies to continue to improve in the coming weeks out of most of our producing areas. We expect supplies out of California to continue to ramp up, as well as North Carolina. Quality is reported as good overall quality with good flavor.


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