Mushrooms: Ideal for Plant-Forward Dishes

Athena Farms

Here is a quick summary of this week’s (August 23rd) Market News highlights regarding the produce industry: 


MUSHROOMS: All specialty mushrooms are experiencing strong growth, according to the Mushroom Council. “In terms of the next Portabella, we’re seeing Oyster, Trumpet and Crimini carving out big roles on menus,”. “All are among the meatiest in taste; ideal for operators seeking more plant-forward dishes that are natural and from the farm.”

CILANTRO: ​​Supplies are expected to be on the lighter side again this week as we continue to experience some issues with bacterial spotting and seeder which seems to be the case throughout the Salinas Valley. Our largest supplier is struggling to get products and fill our orders. 

BLACKBERRIES: We are in the heaviest producing month, and we have plenty of blackberries. We expect peak supplies to continue through the end of August. The California and Pacific Northwest regions will be at their peak for the next 2-3 weeks. Quality will be good with large fruit sizes.

GRAPES: Very good supplies of green seedless with a wave of reds about to start. We will have good supplies through December. Quality and condition are very good this season.


Click HERE for the full report. 

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