Pepper Quality is Outstanding

Athena Farms

This week’s Market News is here! Here are a few highlights of the September 13th report: 


PEPPERS: We continue to see steady production out of local programs in Michigan and other local regions. In the west, the Central Valley production is mostly done, and we are now seeing excellent production out of the inter-coastal valleys with steady volume expected through mid-September. Quality is outstanding in the newer regions. 

AVOCADO: The avocado market continues to struggle on large sized fruit out of California and Mexico; Pricing is escalated, and large sized fruit is extreme. 

LETTUCE: Supplies are slightly lower than normal. Yields and pounds per acre are the main reason. Quality overall is good but there continues to be a lot of small issues at the field level. Weights will continue to be lower than normal. The market is active due to lighter supplies and better overall demand.

APPLES: The heat means a reduction in apple sizing and possible sunburn as well. Some growers are taking aggressive measures to reduce the amount of damaged fruit, giving the rest of the fruit on the tree more energy to grow and hoping to compensate for the slowdown in growth.


Click HERE for the full report.

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