Utilize Athena’s Pre-Cut Fruit!

Athena Cutfruit

At Athena Farms, we know one of the most valuable resources in a professional kitchen is time and that time lost to prepping food means money lost for your business. Our pre-cut fruit saves you time, money, and labor, so you can focus on the far more important task of serving your customers quality food without added hassle.

Our Produce

We partner with nearby farmers and growers to source premium, locally grown produce. We’re dedicated to selling quality products, and our pre-cut fruit is no exception! Our enhanced food safety practices also mean that any product you buy from us passes through an uninterrupted cold chain from a temperature-controlled warehouse, straight to your kitchen, so you never have to worry about the food you serve your customers.

Our Customers

We’ve been in business since 1997, serving high-quality produce to Atlanta’s premier restaurants, hotels, caterers, and country clubs. Whatever kind of professional kitchen you run, our premium produce, including our pre-cut options, offers you quality, value, and convenience.

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Do you want to save time and money in your kitchen? Then order pre-cut fruit from Athena Farms!

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