Incorporate Healthy and Delicious Appetizers to the Menu!

Athenafarms Healthyappetizers

Are you looking to add healthy, satisfying appetizers to your menu that all of your customers are sure to love? Check out these easy to make, delicious appetizer options!

Healthy Stuffed Jalapenos

Grilled, stuffed jalapenos make for a healthy, crowd-pleasing appetizer. Satisfy your customers with only a few simple ingredients: fresh jalapenos, cream cheese, bacon, lime juice, and cheese. Simply stuff jalapeno pepper halves with the delicious fillings and grill for a few minutes. Your customers will keep coming back for more.

Heavenly Artichoke Dip

Traditionally, artichoke dip isn’t the healthiest appetizer, but it is delicious! Luckily, we have an amazing tip to turn it into a healthier option: cut back on the cheese and add some tofu to the mix! This helps keep the sodium in check and adds a boost of protein — your customers won’t even taste the difference!

Shrimp & Rémoulade

How about a healthier version of shrimp and cocktail sauce? Your customers are sure to love broiled shrimp with rémoulade sauce; it’s much lower in sodium and has a nice little kick from the horseradish sauce. Made with greek yogurt, buttermilk, horseradish, and lemon juice, your customers won’t be able to get enough of this appetizer.

Are you ready to offer your customers healthier appetizer options? Check out Athena Farm’s product catalog today!

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