Athena’s Non Food Solutions

Athena Nonfoodsolutions

Many of our partners are surprised to find out that we offer more than food items for restaurants and grocery stores, so we thought we’d take a moment to highlight our non-food solutions!


Keep your staff and customers safe with high-quality food service gloves. We offer latex, vinyl, and nitrile gloves in a variety of sizes!

Cleaning Supplies

From bleach, degreaser, sanitizer, and deodorizer to grill bricks, scouring pads, and stainless steel scrubbers, we carry the best brands of food service cleaning supplies!

Paper Goods

We carry parchment paper and pan liners, napkins and moist towelettes, and paper towels and toilet paper so that you can keep your business fully stocked at all times!


We can also supply all of your ramekins and to-go containers. We offer foam, paper, and microwaveable plastic options!

Cups & Lids

Stop overpaying and get your clear plastic cups and lids from Athena Farms in 1,000 count cases!

Plastic Wrap & Foil

Every food service establishment goes through massive amounts of aluminum foil and plastic wrap. We stock various sizes of plastic film and both standard and heavy-duty aluminum for all of your needs!

From fresh produce to paper goods, Athena Farms can provide your restaurant and grocery service businesses with the best products! 

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