Green Onion Market is Extremely Active

Athena Farms Green Onion

Here is a quick summary of this week’s (September 6th) Market News highlights regarding the produce industry: 


GREEN ONIONS: We just hit a second trigger on cost. Market is extremely active due to supply shortage with many growers in northern Mexico because of the great hot weather and high humidity the past two months.

SQUASH: Zucchini supplies are better, demand remains strong, and quality is good. Yellow squash is extremely limited, quality is fair to poor, and the market is very strong. All western supplies remain limited.

BLACKBERRIES: Supply reached peak volume for the summer last week and is now expected to descend week over week. 

GRAPES: Very good supplies of green seedless with a wave of reds about to start. We will have good supplies through December. Quality and condition are very good this season.

RASPBERRIES: Short on supply due to a combination of lower yields and mild weather across California. The yield factor has led to a long-term reduction, we expect to remain short on volume through the first two weeks in September, before trending towards the fall peak in Oct/Nov. 


Click HERE for the full report.

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