Green Beans Hold Excellent Quality

Athena Farms

This week’s Market News update features important information for all aspects of the produce industry. Here are some key points to consider for the future:


GREEN BEANS: Fair volume on green and there is more interest for French beans as the food service sector continues to open as well as the loss of production in conventional beans. Prices are pushing higher this week and quality is excellent in French, and fair on Green.

BROCCOLI: Supplies are better this week as the fields are moving due to warm weather. Strong quality, with very good color.

CHERRY TOMATOES:  Supplies are extremely short in the West. Prices are high and that product is mainly staying west of the Rockies. Cherries are cheaper in the East. The market is firm, and supply is slightly lower.

MELONS: Except for smaller size melons, very good supplies this week on both cantaloupe and honeydews. Quality is excellent, which it is normally this time of year, with very high sugars / brix. 


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