Lime Market Begins to Stabilize After Hurricane

Athena Lime

Here is a quick summary of this week’s (October 18th) Market News highlights regarding the produce industry: 


LIMES: Market is stabilizing after the hurricane. Pricing is still on the high side. Quality remains hit and miss with heavy scarring.

POTATOES: The potato market continues to ease up on large size counts, with 80ct and smaller potatoes, as well as #2 potatoes, getting progressively tighter each week. We do believe this is a short-term situation that should ease up and become more balanced as growers begin shipping out of storage in the coming weeks.

CELERY: Business is better this week with good supplies for us and on the west coast. Regional supplies are drying up. Quality is good and the market is steady in Salinas.

SQUASH: The Midwest will continue production for a few more weeks. Quality is mixed in the east on old crops while new crops are gorgeous.

STRAWBERRIES: We expect volume to gradually increase each week over the next several weeks. We will continue to see volumes downtrend in Watsonville and Salinas. Basket counts are low with good flavor overall. 


Click HERE for the full report.

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