Ways to Key Into Plant-Forward Trend!

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Plant-forward eating is becoming less of a trend and movement and more permanent in our society. Many vegetarian dishes are becoming best-sellers on menus, especially when they have a twist and come in unique ways. Here are several ways to use this way of eating to your operation’s advantage.

  1. Stir in cannellini bean purée into a crispy-fried cauliflower side dish. People love side dishes, so why not capitalize on this by providing something that is delicious and healthy?
  2. Toss whole roasted heirloom carrots with hummus and dust with sumac. This is a great appetizer to offer and is simple to make.
  3. Make a green goddess dressing with puréed white beans, Greek yogurt, tarragon, chives, lemon juice, and anchovy. People will want a side of this dressing with every dish due to its great flavor and low calorie count.
  4. Add beet powder or pesto to hummus for a signature dip. Another great appetizer option, this dip will become a crowd favorite. Who doesn’t love pesto?
  5. Make a vegan version of a gin fizz by subbing out egg whites with aqua faba, which is liquid from a can of chickpeas. It will create the same fizzy head and is still incredibly delicious.
  6. Top salads and bowls with roasted chickpeas, or season and serve as a bar snack. You can never have too many appetizers, so why not offer it in both ways? Chickpeas can be a great addition to a salad with grilled chicken and goat cheese or a mediterranean salad.
  7. Thin hummus with a vinaigrette for a modern salad dressing. So many dressings are hidden with unnecessary calories. Hummus brings health benefits, with healthy fats and fiber.

Athena Farms has all of the resources necessary to bring success to your operation. Contact us today to learn more about all of the ingredients we can supply!

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